Friday, July 22, 2016

Halloween Horror ENAMEL PINS

"Lxgo Myers" by

"X gang Sammy" by

"Kid Mike" by

"Michelle" by

"Doh-nut Killer" by

"Michael Simpson RZ variant" by

"Trick r Treat Sam Unmasked" by

"I'm The Devil" by

"Happy Halloween" by

"Mask Commercial" by

"Halloween 6-Pin Collector's Set" or "Michael Myers Stab Action" and "Halloween Jack-O-Lantern" separately by

"In JC we trust" by

"The Angry Trick or Treater" by

"Art the Clown" by

"Michael Myers" by

"Boogey man (black)" by

"Boogey man (gold)" by

"H3 giveaway (regular)" by

"H3 giveaway (glitter)" by

"The Spooky Shape of Haddonfield" Lost Mysteries 2" by

"Halloween II" by Inked Up Merch and House of Mysterious Secrets:

"Death Mask" by

"The Babysitter" by

"The Babysitter (Lobby Card Edition)" by

"Happy Halloween" by

"Razorpop" by

"Pumpkin" by

"Silver Shamrock" by

"HIII Final Processing Test Subject" by

"Halloween II" by

"Season of the Witch" by

"Lil Mikey" by

"Pumpkin Mask" by

"Witch Mask" by

"Skull Mask" by

"RIP Ben Tramer" by

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