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Friday, July 29, 2016

SPIRITS OF THE FALL (2008) Screencaps, Poster, Trailer and Review

Screencaps / Animated Gifs:

IMDb.com SYNOPSIS: This Halloween, the spirits are restless and things that go bump in the night are closer than they seem for Chris, a widower who is coming to terms with his loss. While living in his hotel, strange things begin to happen. Voices in the night and faces at the window are not uncommon and things are about to get a lot worse when he is forced to face the paranormal and save his wife's soul from the evil spirit of her killer.

I liked the opening credits of the film which is definitely a low budget homage to Halloween '78 and II '81, but the rest film is just terrible, bad acting, awful dialog and even worse story. Somehow it got a 6.2 @imdb.com (most likely written by the makers of the film). As one reviewer wrote, the only way to have fun watching is to get together with a group of friends and take a drink every time the main character, Chris (Russ Diaper also the writer and director) touches his face to convey an emotion but be warned; everyone will be passed out or dead within the first 15 minutes.


Horrible Horrors: Spirits Of The Fall Review:

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