Wednesday, September 25, 2019

Original CREEPSHOW (1982) Comic Book Videos

CREEPSHOW: Voodoo Doll opening from the film:

CREEPSHOW: Father's Day from the comic book:

CREEPSHOW: The Lonesome Death of Jordy Verrill from the comic book:

CREEPSHOW: The Crate from the comic book:

CREEPSHOW: Something To Tide You Over from the comic book:

CREEPSHOW: They're Creeping Up On You from the comic book:

CREEPSHOW Voodoo Doll closing from the film:

Videos by YouTube user thewackeddoctors, description from the YouTube Playlist: Creepshow ... my favorite comic of all time. These stories have always haunted me. Enjoy my attempt at merging the original comic into video form.

Stephen King's Creepshow comic 1982. Art by Berni Wrightson and Michelle Wrightson. Cover art by Jack Kamen. Text copyright 1982 by Philtrum Corp. Illustrations Copyright 1982 by Laurel-Show, Inc. back cover:

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