Tuesday, September 3, 2019

Watch THE TRICK OR TREAT PICTURE SHOW (2019) Full Film, Shorts, Trailers and Posters

UPDATE: Watch The Trick or Treat Picture Show full film below or watch at Anthony Ashmore's Official YouTube account:

Coming to Amazon Prime this October. A brand new Halloween tradition for children of the 80’s. Cinemaharvest Co. presents The Trick or Treat Picture Show (2019) an anthology horror film written and directed by Anthony Ashmore, starring Chris Banks, Kevin Daigneault and Christopher Greiner.

The film is a retro throwback to horror cinema of the 80's. It will feature 35mm slasher films set on Halloween night, 80's Synthwave score, 16mm Grindhouse style trailers, new and original Halloween public service announcements, paranormal documentaries, and Super 8mm Halloween snack recipes for stoners.

IMDb SYNOPSIS: A VHS homage to Slasher Films, Drive-in Movie Culture and Halloween Public Service Announcements, in Picture Show Format.

The Trick or Treat Picture Show (Teaser) from CinemaHarvest on Vimeo:

Official Motion Picture Trailer:

Watch the full The Invader short below, the first segment in The Trick or Treat Picture Show:

Trailer for Return of the Slasher the third segment in the film:

Here's a scene from Return of the Slasher in this UK promo trailer:

Watch the full Return of the Slasher (2018) short film/segment below:

A tweet from Anyhony Ashmore's Twitter page @TheTonyAsh containing a scene from the paranormal documentary Occult Country:

Teaser promo for The Trick or Treat Picture Show from instagram @cinemaharvest:

Official and social media websites:

Poster artwork for each segment:


  1. Just want to Genuinely Thank You for posting this article. All of us at Cinemaharvest and the TTPS love you guys at the Horrors of Halloween and will keep you updated of our release on Amazon! Much love to you all.

    1. You're Welcome Anthony, I'm looking forward to watching your film. Love the trailers and poster art.

    2. Sent an advanced screener for Press and Reviewers to your Instagram through direct message! "Jack-O-Slasher" I think is your handle.

  2. Looks like a good night to be had! Any idea of when this will debut on Amazon? Thanks for the heads up.

    1. According to @TheTonyAsh's Twitter account, it was supposed to debut last week but Amazon Prime is a little backed up now, what ever that means. A Twitter post from earlier today says that it's "Currently on Vimeo VOD & Coming to Amazon Next Week!" I'll try to let you know Joe If I see it on Prime.

    2. Hey Joe, The Trick or Treat Picture Show is finally on Amazon Prime at https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07YXC85QT/

    3. Awesome! Thanks for letting me know.

    4. Hey Jack O - I watched it. Yeah.


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