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Friday, July 15, 2022

Coming To THE SHED (2022) This October STACEY NELKIN

Press Release:

Eva Hamilton and Stacey Nelkin star in a new 35mm style short Motion Picture, celebrating 1980s Horror at it’s most elevated octave. This October (2022) – Horror Fans will have an opportunity to revisit their favorite vintage genre, via both physical and digital live screenings of "The Shed".

PLOT DETAILS: Our Motion Picture follows Whitney (Eva Hamilton, Shudder's: “Ruin Me”), a struggling escort, as she mitigates the emotional and financial toll of Adult Service work.

After seeing an ad for a House Sitter as posted by a Christian Counselor, Whitney pursues an opportunity to house-sit at a luxury log home in the country. Almost immediately, the eccentric and superficial charm of the advertiser, Barbara (Stacey Nelkin, “Halloween III”), makes Whitney uneasy as the two travel to an obscure location in the idyllic, foliage-lined countryside.

After a tour of the house and a speedy departure from Barbara, Whitney finds herself isolated and jumpy in the darkness of the wilderness.

Gradually, Whitney begins to realize that “something here” – is very wrong. After a few glasses of wine and a joint, Whitney is horrified to discover that she is not alone, as she is confronted with a perverse and squalid predator.

As Whitney fights for her life, she slowly discovers a malevolent and devious plan constructed by a desperate and merciless Mother, who will stop at nothing to “feed” her deformed child.

Will Whitney survive the attack? Will she be able to battle Barbara and overcome two deranged perpetrators? Only a fiery, synth-wave scored climax in THE SHED will tell.

We are The Mooncats a new Motion Picture Production and Distribution company, focusing on elevated 35mm Genre Production, Original Synthwave Composition and Development Packaging.

Part of our unique distribution initiative and goal will be the limited and home-grown theatrical and digital distribution of our motion picture. Through self-hosted online screening mediums, Cinema-Houses nation-wide, Horror Conventions, Genre Film Festivals and potentially 40th Anniversary Halloween III Screenings, we will maintain a cinematic and theatrical course of exhibition at a deeply nostalgic domestic level. (Please Note — This initiative is actively in the concept programming and objective development phase with no confirmed events, screenings or distribution partnerships at this time).



  1. Hi jack! Please note, this film is not from the creators of Picture Show. If you would be kind enough to correct that for us it would be much appreciated. We are also commenting here as we are unsure how to email you. Thank You! — TheMoonCats MooncatPress@gmail.com

    1. Thank you! We appreciate it! Thank you so much for posting our press release. — EH/EO Mooncat Team


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