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Thursday, October 20, 2022

Alex Flick's HALLOWEEN III: SEASON OF THE WITCH (1982) Posters, 40th Anniversary Campaign, Media Packaging Designs

Another post to celebrate Halloween III: Season of the Witch which was released October 22, 1982 that makes its 40th Anniversary! All artwork by Alex Flick found at www.behance.net.

Halloween III Cinemagraph Poster Design

Flick created animated poster designs for Halloween III: Season of the Witch. He utilized the 3 iconic masks from the film and combined them to mimic the 3 leaves of the Silver Shamrock logo (the fictitious antagonist brand). The 2 versions have the masks in their normal state, then they transform after the "commercial" flashes and reveals the horrific fate of Silver Shamrock's plan.

Animated GIF:

Halloween 3 40th Anniversary Campaign Concept

With 2022 being the 40th anniversary of the film, Alex also created a logo that could be used for a 40th Anniversary campaign.

Animated GIF:

Packaging Design Concepts

Blu-ray and Vinyl for the soundtrack have lenticular covers to showcase the Mask Shamrock design and it's variant.

Animated GIF:

Animated GIF:

Animated GIF:

All artwork by Alex Flick found at www.behance.net


  1. Great art! Can't believe it is the 40th anniversary! Wow, I'm old. Maybe I will watch on the 22nd to celebrate.


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