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Tuesday, January 23, 2024


Poster Fan Art from PosterSpy.com:

Halloween 4: The Return of Michael Myers (1988) director Dwight Little is trying to make a sequel happen according to a new interview with Bloody Disgusting! Here's are a couple Q and A's taken from the article:

BG: With the recent news that ‘Halloween’ might be getting a TV series, would that be something you’d be up to doing?

DL: Oh, definitely. I know Malek [Akkad] is guiding that. But it’s really Universal’s play. I mean, I think they’re really… I would love to do it with Alan McElroy. Of course, we have to be invited, and I’m sure they have people that they’re interested in, so we’ll see how it plays out. But sure I would jump into that in a minute if we could figure out how to make that work.

BD: Considering the greater appreciation for ‘Halloween 4,’ many fans are clamoring for more Rachel and Jamie, particularly a direct sequel to your film. If that would ever come into the conversation, would you do it?

DL: Not only would I do it, I’ve actually pitched it. You keep [Rachel] alive and follow through with Jamie and Rachel. Ellie Cornell is alive and well, and living on the east coast. And I just worked with Daniel Harris, and she’s a doll. I think that’s a great movie. I think they should call it ‘Halloween 4: Part Two.’ Just be upfront about it and say what it is because that’s what it would be. In my own opinion, more than a TV show, I think that would get a lot of attention.

Check out the complete interview: Dwight Little Talks ‘Halloween 4’ and New Memoir ‘Still Rolling: Inside the Hollywood Dream Factory’ [Interview] at Bloody-Disgusting.com

Here are YouTubers spreading the news:


  1. Killing Rachel in 5 was dumb, so count me in!

    1. Bring Rachel and Danielle/Jamie back, I'm so in too!


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