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Monday, January 8, 2024

Help Fund THE BOY FROM BELOW Halloween Nostalgia Set During Video Store Era

Jonestown Films has launched an indiegogo campaign to help fund their 1990's throwback Halloween slasher called The Boy From Below described as "A Nostalgia Driven Dive into the Era of the Video Rental Store."

A reimagining of their previous 2017 film "The Wicked One" but "With A REAL Budget, Talented Cast and Crew," and director Tory Jones' "hope to deliver a film and Character, Horror Fans will respond to and love for years to come."

Here is the SYNOPSIS: Local video store clerk Quinn Curtis’s Annual Halloween movie marathon with her friends turns deadly when a Creepy Figure in a bizarre truck begins following them and playing his own terrifying game of trick or treat at their expense. Now the reclusive Quinn must survive her own horror movie come to life at the hands of The Boy from Below.

The film's cast includes horror icons Dee Wallace (E.T., Cujo, Halloween), Felissa Rose (Sleepaway Camp, Terrifier 2), Leah Voysey (Terrifier 2), Chaney Morrow (Haunt), Richie Ramone of The Ramones and Tommy Lee Wallace (Halloween, Halloween III).

"The Character of Colin Miller aka "The Wicked One" aka "The Boy from Below" has unlimited potential to become a Horror Character fans can get behind and root for! One that pulls no punches, shows no mercy, and has a killer look.... pun intended."

Check out the full description of the film and all the perks at: https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/the-boy-from-below#/

Watch the Campaign Pitch Video:

An early look at a face rip test gore gag by effects creator Cody Ruch:

The Perks:

Jonestown Film's Library is available on most streaming platforms or physical media can be ordered at some major retailers online.

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