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Friday, October 23, 2015

TRICK OR TREAT (1986) SAMMI CURR Prints and T-shirts

2coolghouls on eBay Sammi Curr World Tour 1986 T-shirt:

Bang Media's Heavy Metal Horror Tribute to Sammi Curr Poster:

Here's a closeup look:

A 2nd closeup look:

btmstore eBay store's Sammi Curr Songs in the Key of Death Tour '86 T-shirt:

Chad Savage's Trick or Treat HALLOWEEN SAINTS: SAMMI CURR on T-shirts, prints, stickers, cellphone cases, bags, throw pillow:

Coki Greenway's Sammi Curr T-shirt:

Fast Custom Shirts' Trick or Treat T-shirt:

Fright Rags' Trick or Treat Sammi Curr T-shirt from the Graveyard:

Gift Shop of Horrors Sammi Curr Tour t-shirt:

La Dama De Chapa Killer Shirts Sammi Curr Lives T-shirt:

Murder Tees Sammy Curr Lives! T-shirt...

and Sticker on white background:

Pallbearer Press's Sammi Curr t-shirt:

Phantom Video's Sammi Curr LIMITED EDITION retro horror action figure release. This is a PRE-ORDER that will go toward's paying for the creation of the first two cult classic 80's horror characters CROPSEY from The Burning, and SAMMI CURR from Trick or Treat, from sculpting, molding, to final packaging. A minimum of 20 PRE-ORDERS are needed on both figures for Beast Toys to go into full production. Here's a front and back preview of what the Sammi Curr packaging may look like:

Also the first 20 customers will receive a bonus Trick or Treat 8 1/2 x 11 movie lobby card:

Psychodelic's Sammi Curr Play My Tape...Or DIE T-Shirt

Psychodelic Company's Sammi Curr Live 1986 No False Metal T-shirt:

Sexy Armpit's Samantha Curr on Prints, T-shirts, Stickers, and more:

Say You Love Satan's Sammi Curr No False Metal on T-shirt's, hoodies, prints, and cellphone cases:

Trash Force's Sammi Curr What are you afraid of? It's only Rock & Roll. T-shirt:

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