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Tuesday, September 13, 2022

Watch THE EXORCIST (1973) 1981 CBS Broadcast or 1999 MONSTERVISON WITH JOE BOB BRIGGS Broadcast

Original Poster:

Banned/Unreleased Trailer (Warning Flashing Lights):

The Exorcist is a 1973 American supernatural horror film directed by William Friedkin and written for the screen by William Peter Blatty, based on his 1971 novel of the same name. It stars Ellen Burstyn, Max von Sydow, Lee J. Cobb, Kitty Winn, Jack MacGowran (in his final film role), Jason Miller and Linda Blair.

The first installment in the Exorcist film series follows the demonic possession of a young girl and her mother's attempt to rescue her through an exorcism conducted by a pair of Catholic priests. Mercedes McCambridge provided the voice for the possesed Regan scenes. The MPAA rated the film R for horror elements, violence, profanity and intensity.

Audience Reactions - A little glimpse of the mass hysteria that The Exorcist caused during its original theatrical premiere on December 26, 1973, including footage of the audience reactions and the incredibly long lines of people who waited hours upon hours to see the film:

I remember I first saw this as a kid and it scared me so much I never watched again for the longest time. Years later I rewatched as an adult and the hospital scene is still brutal but now I find what Regan says in the possessed scenes to be fucking hilarious. Too bad the versions below cuts out or changes the swear words and obscene scenes.

1979 VHS cover #1:

VHS style DVD cover:

TV Guide Ads:

CBS 1980 Promo #1:

CBS 1980 Promo #2:

CBS 1981 Opening Bumper:

Watch CBS Saturday Night Special Movie 5/9/81 Broadcast of The Exorcist (1973) with Original Commercials. The film premiered on the US television network CBS on February 12, 1980. This video is a rebroadcast of the film that orginally aired on May 9, 1981.

The original CBS 1980 broadcast network TV censored version was edited by Friedkin himself. He filmed a shot of the Virgin Mary statue crying blood to replace the desecrated statue image. Friedkin also delivered the demon's new, censored dialogue because he was unwilling to work with McCambridge again. The lines "Your mother sucks cocks in hell, Karras, you faithless slime!" and "Shove it up your ass, you faggot!" were redubbed as "Your mother still rots in hell" and "Shut your face, you faggot".

Several of Chris' lines were redubbed by Burstyn, replacing "Jesus Christ" with "Judas Priest" and omitting the expletive "fuck". Moments in which Regan masturbates with a crucifix and forces her mother's head into her crotch are removed, along with most of the character's profanity. There is also a brief alternative shot shortly after Merrin arrives at the MacNeil house of Regan's face morphing into the demon's white visage (theatrical versions show only the beginning of the transformation). In some network versions Regan is not masturbating but having another fit.

Two videos below by two different uploaders, one is an MP4 file and the second is DVD VOB files of the same VHS recording.

Uploaded by cozycoffin (VOB files Merged to MP4):

OR Uploaded by anarchivism (DVD VOB files of the VHS recording):

Here are just the CBS Commercial Breaks with the film edited out:

Theatrical vs. 1980 CBS TV Edit - A quick look at the original CBS airing of The Exorcist from 1980, and some very interesting alterations:

a vile homophobic slur - original unedited scene vs censored? scene comparison:

The Halloween / Trick or Treat Scene of the film. Chris walking down the sidewalk with leaves falling and trick or treaters running past as "Tubular Bells" plays, after the commercials:

Creepy Carver by CavityColors.com:

VHS sticker by @vinylhellstickerco and @vinylhellstudios:

Watch Joe Bob Briggs host The Exorcist (1973) on Monstervision (though technically under TNT's rebranding, Joe Bob's Hollywood Saturday Nights). Originally aired November 20, 1999 on TNT at 12:45 AM ET/PT after Joe Bob hosted a showing of Top Gun (1986). Video uploaded by The End of Summer. Read the transcript of this episode here.

Watch the full movie and segments below or at Archive.org:

OR here are just Joe Bob's segments with the movie edited out:

Newspaper article by Shaun Watson @shaunwatson87:

1979 VHS Cover #2:

Orange and Black Poster:

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