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Tuesday, September 6, 2022

Watch JACK-O DEMONIO DO HALLOWEEN (1995) Brazilian Broadcast with Commercials

Brazilian VHS Cover:

Jack-O a 1995 American horror film directed and co-produced by Steve Latshaw and executive produced by Fred Olen Ray. It is the third collaboration between Latshaw as director and Ray as executive producer. It stars Linnea Quigley, Maddisen K. Krown, Gary Doles, Ryan Latshaw, and Catherine Walsh, with cameo appearances by John Carradine, Cameron Mitchell (both posthumous appearances), and Brinke Stevens. The film was released direct-to-video and received largely negative reviews.

SYNOPSIS: On Halloween, three friends accidentally unleash a pumpkinhead scarecrow from hell, named Jack-O, who was buried many years ago by the farmer Arthur Kelly. Now a young Sean Kelly must somehow stop the evil creature who seeks the descendants of the Kelly family for revenge.

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I love watching VHS recordings of broadcast movies with commercials, I'm also Portuguese, and this is one of my favorite Halloween horror movies so I find this video hilarious.

It's a broadcast of the 1995 film Jack-O on "Cine Trash", a hosted horror movie show that only lasted a year (1996-1997) and aired on the Brazilian TV network Rede Bandeirantes, or simply known as Band. The show was hosted by José Mojica Marins as "Zé do Caixão" aka Coffin Joe who presented horror/trash/low budget films from the 1960's, 1970's, 1980's, and 1990's including many great classics of the genre. Hell Business has a list of all films that aired on Cine Trash.

Accompanied by his Pombas Giras (Cute Doves), Coffin Joe would introduce the audience to the film to be shown but not before casting the "Plague of the Day", which dared the viewer to change the channel or turn off the tv. The show aired daily (Monday through Friday afternoons) at first. After eight months, it moved to nights, but in the new version Mojica continued as host for only some weeks.

The first video below contains the opening of Cine Trash and intro by Coffin Joe, just to see how the show started, below that it's followed by the TVrip broadcast video (both spoken in Brazilian Portuguese, sorry no English subtitles). I'm not sure if this intro was part of the broadcast, there is no opening credits or intro in the broadcast video. They were uploaded by YouTube channel Band Cine Trash where you can watch more Cine Trash intros and promos featuring Coffin Joe.

That's a Cine Trash Coffin Joe poster and Brazilian Jack-O (1995) VHS cover at the top of the post and newspaper ads and DVD cover at the bottom.

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Translated to English YouTube Description:

You, you or all of you the movie
Jack O - Halloween Demon
In Brazil it received the title of Halloween: The Curse is Back

The legendary demon Jack-O is the reincarnation of a murdered peasant. On Halloween night, he returns to life to avenge her death, and proceeds to terrorize the Kelly family and babysitter Carolyn.

TVRip video quality

Original Portuguese YouTube Description:

Você, você ou todos vocês o filme
Jack O - Demônio do Halloween
No Brasil recebeu o titulo de Halloween : A Maldição está de volta

O lendário demônio Jack-O é a reencarnação de um camponês assassinado. Na noite de Halloween, ele retorna à vida para vingar sua morte, e passa a aterrorizar a família Kelly e a babá Carolyn.

Qualidade do vídeo TVRip

Opening of Cine Trash and Coffin Joe intro, watch more intros and promos at BandCineTrash:

1hr50min Cine Trash broadcast of Jack-O (1995) with commercials, the video doesn't play here, Watch on YouTube:

Or Watch the Full Film in Portuguese without the hosting segments:

Newspaper ads translate to "The Band dug up Coffin Joe."

"Cine Trash with Coffin Joe. Put your fingernail on the remote and watch."

Portuguese Jack-O DVD cover:

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