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Tuesday, September 27, 2022

Watch FRIDAY THE 13TH PARTs 2 & 6 (1981,1986) on MONSTERVISION with JOE BOB BRIGGS 1998 Broadcast


On Halloween night October 31st 1998, Joe Bob Briggs presented the first annual dusk-to-dawn Friday The 13th marathon on Monstervision that aired on TNT from 8pm to 6am. Parts 1-3, 5 and 6 were featured, no part 4. I could only find parts 2 and 6 from the broadcast online but I included a bonus video of part 4 from Darcy the Mail Girl's YouTube channel. If you didn't see this the night it aired, you didn't see it! Watch part 2 and part 6 below after the hosting segment videos, or buy the full marathon on a bootleg Blu-ray at the bottom of the post.

This is just the hosting segments of the marathon with the films edited out. Where crew members started disappearing as the night went on and Joe Bob thought Ted Turner wanted to kill him. This was edited from one full source of the marathon. Found on Vincent Dawn's YouTube channel.

Here's a slightly better quality video of just the hosting segments edited together from a few different sources by ReadNWatchAnalog:

One more segments video, quality isn't the greatest but the marathon has been captured in full from a vhs tape bought on ebay 20 years ago by Leufion:

Watch Monstervision Friday the 13th Part 2 as it aired with original commercials: The day "Miller Time!" actually saved camp counselors from being slaughtered. The video quality sucks and the audio and video go out of sync, but sync back up by the end. Video by Eric Finnerty on Vimeo.com. Read the transcript of this episode here.

Watch Joe Bob Briggs host Friday the 13th Part VI: Jason Lives, commercials have been edited out. Video uploaded by Hadrianwasright at archive.org:

BONUS VIDEO: Darcy The Mail Girl's first attempt at a makeshift live stream with Joe Bob Briggs from a hotel room in Niagara Falls moments before the Coronavirus lockdown (originally streamed on Mar 13, 2020) . We do our best to discuss, drink, and dance to the epic Friday 13th IV: The Final Chapter (1984) to help keep our mind off the real world for a lil' bit. WARNING: Audio is terrible, hurts your ears!

Joe Bob Briggs Friday the 13th Marathon artwork at top by ArfonArt at deviantart.com. - See it being created in the YouTube video below:

DM @nemesisvid to order a Blu-ray of the full marathon, hosting segments and movies as they aired.

My custom Monstervision Friday the 13th Marathon VHS cover:

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