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Tuesday, March 28, 2017

MORTUARY MASSACRE (2016) Trailer, Poster and Stills

Released to DVD today in the US, Mortuary Massacre is a horror anthology film directed by Christopher James Miller from a screenplay co-written with Erin Blaisdell. The Razorwire Pictures film stars Todd Brown, Carl Crew, Erin Blaisdell, Steven Briggs, Steve Dorfman, Hart D. Fisher, Jonny Hart, Jamie Katonic.

IMDb.com SYNOPSIS: Mortuary Massacre is a gruesome new horror anthology that centers around Detective Giger’s debriefing of a massive slaughter on Halloween night. The local mortician tells Giger the backstories behind three particular cadavers, and bizarre secrets start to unfold as they investigate. The mortician reveals the insanity behind a psychopathic apartment manager destined for a kill-crazy rampage in 'The Apartment'; 'Snake-eyed Jack' is a gunslinger resurrected from the grave for blood-soaked revenge; and 'False Face' involves a homicidal actor who enjoys skinning people alive! Halloween Massacre is filled with plenty of gore, tongue-in-cheek humor, and practical special effects that will please fans of 80’s slasher flicks.

The trailer below is NSFW:


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