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Wednesday, August 19, 2015


Posters by Sadist Art Designs

A horror/comedy short film by Sideshow Pictures, directed by Frank Sabatella and starring Samantha Hahn, Matt Watson, Damian Maffei, Ralph Bracco, Boomer Tibbs, Blake Willow, Blake Willow, Otto Giovanni, Adam Fujita, Alexis Dizenzo, Joseph Gagliano, Micael Romero, Garrett Jones, Omar Kelly, James Jones, Kiera Dewar and Jack O'Lantern. Described as Goosebumps on acid.

SYNOPSIS: It’s all Hallow’s Eve, and geeky Steve and his buddy Cutter are holding a seance in the local cemetery. While foolishly messing with the dark forces of nature, they summon the soul of an ancient demon that possesses their Jack O’ Lantern and goes on a carnivorous rampage. As the demonic pumpkin terrorizes the entire town, it grows larger and larger with every human soul it consumes! Now it is up to Steve to stop the monster pumpkin before it destroys his town and devours the woman he loves! Will Steve be able to tame the savage beast or will this Halloween be his last? Who will survive the NIGHT OF THE PUMPKIN?

Shorter version:

Uncut extended version:

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