Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Top 10 Best HALLOWEEN HORROR Movies of All Time

October is officially upon us! Pumpkin flavored snacks are everywhere, the leaves are changing, the Jack-o-lanterns and Halloween decorations are filling our stores and streets. It's truly a magical time. That brings us to the most exciting thing about the Halloween season...horror movies
So, in tribute to this wonderful time of year - I have decided to make this list. There are countless films that are great for Halloween viewing but all the movies on this list are take place on Halloween.
- Video by Youtuber Best CompilationTV

Top 10 Best Halloween Horror Movies of All Time:

Youtube Playlist of the Top 10 Best Halloween Horror Movie Trailers:


  1. Some classics, for sure. Love the trailers.

  2. Thanks Joe. I tried to include fan made trailers or with music instead of the original film trailers.