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Wednesday, October 4, 2017


SYNOPSIS: Small town punk rockers THE BRAIN DEADS have their first out of town show, but there are a few problems: The venue is deserted, the promoter is a creep, their bassist has gone missing, and the only kids in the audience turn out to be bloodthirsty punk rockers from Hell. NIGHT OF THE PUNKS is an award-winning 19 minute splatterpunk love letter to 1980's horror cinema, influenced by films like Return of the Living Dead, The Evil Dead and Night of the Demons.

Written by Dan Riesser & Mike L. Kinshella, directed by Dan Riesser, produced by Dan Riesser, Michael D. Fuller & Christopher Stoudt, and starring Luke Edwards, Aubrey Wood, Nick Mundy, Mike L. Kinshella, John Bobek, Dominic Deleo. Cinematography by Michael Kershner, makeup & creature fx by Dizzwork Designs, with score by Darius Holbert and music by Murderland. For more info visit IrrationalFilms.com/notp/

NIGHT OF THE PUNKS (2010) from DAN RIESSER on Vimeo.

The goal after making the short film was to create a feature length film in 2014 which never got made. I can't find any new info online about the feature film. Below is the pitch reel and the makers description of the feature film:

We are turning our 2010 award-winning short film into a feature. The script is ready to launch and we're seeking financing with the hopes of starting production by 2014. The feature version takes the premise of the short film to the ultimate extreme. It's loaded with practical gore effects, rock and roll music, fast-paced action set pieces and hilarious sight gags, along with fully realized versions of short's characters and a whole slew of new heroes (New Wave beauties, hair metal douchebags, college preppies). The feature film is set in a John Hughes-esque 80's America and will sport a visual style of filmmakers like John Carpenter, Walter Hill & Joe Dante.

This pitch reel features footage from the original 2010 short film intercut with a selection of 80's genre classics that inspire the feature.

NIGHT OF THE PUNKS -- Feature Film Pitch Sizzle Reel from DAN RIESSER on Vimeo.

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