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Tuesday, October 24, 2017


A Triple Feature Crammed Into 2 Hours with lots of fun extras and animated shorts. Hosted by puppet MCs, Cheesecake and Thunderclap. Rated R.

Featuring the following three shortened films:

Hack-O-Lantern (1988) AKA Halloween Night This gem falls into my favorite category of the horror genre: PUN horror. When the title of the film is a pun, without exception, wonderful 80s fun awaits (I'm looking at you Killer Workout, Iced, Hide and Go Shriek). Hack-O-Lantern gives you everything you want in an obscure horror film and more.

Night of the Demons (1988) This film will probably be remembered for being one of the last good horror films of the 80’s. I imagine if you’re reading this, you’ve at least heard of it. They made a trilogy and a straight-to-DVD remake surfaced in 2009 that I also love but nothing beats the original. When Night of the Demons is developing the characters, it falls into the cliches of 80s-ness which is perfect. And when it tries to be creepy, it succeeds. The effects are great and the soundtrack is even better.

Hollow Gate (1988) I like to imagine back in 1986, a young Ray Di Zazzo said, ‘Fuck it. I’m making a movie.’ He creates Hollow Gate and then disappears. Whether the director leaves showbiz because they created their masterpiece the first go-round or realized they were over their head and walked away. Either way, we win. So, which category does Hollow Gate fall in, masterpiece or mess?

There are 2 versions, my version is below (from vimeo.com) followed by the original version (from archive.org) underneath. In my version, I added new animated shorts and changed the opening scene but the remix version of the 3 films are the same. Rated R for nudity, graphic language and violence.

Horror Remix: Halloween - Jack-O's Version:

Horror Remix: Halloween - Original Version:

original video by archive.org member st3b

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