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JACK-O (1995) Newspaper Ad, Sales Sheet, VHS and DVD Covers

Newspaper Ad:

Trade Ad:

USA VHS cover:

Greek VHS cover:

Portuguese VHS cover:

Spanish VHS cover:

Here's the French VHS cover of 1988's Halloween Night (aka Hack-O-Lantern) that uses Jack-O's front cover:

USA DVD cover:

Portuguese DVD cover:

Here's the Czech DVD cover of Jack-O that uses the front cover of the 2006 film The Pumpkin Karver:

VHS SYNOPSIS: Mr. Jack will snap your spine, cut you in half with a scaly vine The legend of Jack-O is all but forgotten to the townspeople of Oakmoor Crossing, except in the nursery rhymes of children. Almost one hundred years before, warlock Walter Machen was hung for murder. But before he died, he raised up the fury of a demon creature to take revenge on the unwitting townspeople. Many died before it was destroyed and buried forever. Until now. When a trio of grave-robbers stumble across Jack-O's unmarked grave, they unleash the vengeful monster to continue its bloodthirsty quest.

Jack-O is a 1995 straight-to-video horror movie directed by Steve Latshaw, produced by Fred Olen Ray, written by Brad Linaweaver, Lee Shapiro and Patrick Moran, who played Jack-O. The film features several recognizable actors of popular low-budget films, Linnea Quigley and Rebecca Wicks play dominant roles, and John Carradine makes a poorly-spliced cameo because he died years before the film's production began. The rest of the cast includes Katy Maznicki, Maddisen K. Krown, Gary Doles, Ryan Latshaw, Catherine Walsh, Rachel Carter, Tom Ferda, Bill Cross, Helen Keeling and Thor Schweigerath. The film received largely negative reviews and carries a 2.4 rating on IMDb.

Released to straight to VHS in 1995 by Triboro Entertainment Group, later released in 2005 as a 10th Anniversary special edition DVD, with audio commentary by Steve Latshaw and Fred Olen Ray, and numerous other special features, including the original "theatrical" trailer, and film from a failed project by Steve Latshaw known as "Gator Babes".

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