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PRIMAL RAGE (1988) VHS and DVD Covers

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DVD SYNOPSIS: Duffy has been bitten by one of the monkeys kept in the university laboratory. While on a date, he discovers an amazing super-human strength when he protects his girlfriend Debbie from Lovejoy, the campus bully. Later that night Duffy bites Debbie's neck in a passionate embrace before going to receive treatment for his arm which by now has become an oozing, pulsating mass of flesh. At the hospital he goes berserk and escapes to begin a bloodthirsty rampage before taking his own life.

During this time, Debbie has bitten Lovejoy and his thugs when they tried to rape her and has now been restrained by her friends Sam and Lauren, who are shocked by the raging creature she has become. Halloween night. Despite the campus killing, the school president decides to go ahead with the planned party. Lovejoy and his pals are beginning to feel their bite wounds throbbing as they don their party costumes... Debbie has escaped... Sam and Lauren begin their race against time as the bloodbath begins and the partygoers face the full force of the creatures PRIMAL RAGE.

Primal Rage is a 1988 Italian/American horror/thriller written by Umberto Lenzi, directed by Vittorio Rambaldi and stars Patrick Lowe, Cheryl Arutt, Sarah Buxton, Mitch Watson, Bo Svenson. A decent film with gory makeup effects, a great Halloween party scene and very 80s music throughout.

Warner Home Video released the film on VHS in the USA in 1990. The US Code Red DVD, released on July 13, 2010, is OOP and hard to find for a reasonable price, but you can buy a bootleg DVD of the film online for $8.

I couldn't find a trailer in English online but I found this foreign language one, I can't tell if it's in Portuguese, Spanish or Italian:

I also found this music video of still images of the Halloween Party scene from Primal Rage (1988):

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