Thursday, September 24, 2015

HACK-O-LANTERN (1988) Pressbook, VHS and DVD Covers

Pressbook cover (Buy one at

Atlas Entertainment USA VHS cover:

Legacy Entertainment USA VHS cover:

Massacre Video USA VHS front and spine:

Australian VHS cover:

French VHS cover with the front cover from the 1995 film Jack-O:

French VHS cover:

German VHS cover:

VHS cover resized to DVD cover 1:

VHS cover resized to DVD cover 2:

German DVD cover:

Sales Sheet by Massacre Video:

U.S theatrical premiere poster by Massacre Video:

VHS SYNOPSIS: Strange things are happening in Tommy's seemingly perfect town... a bloody pitchfork is found beside a mutilated corpse... dark chanting permeates the night chill... a deranged man warns of murder and madness... graves are robbed... and an ancient evil is about to be unleashed on the most devilish day - and night - of all: Halloween.
Enter into a world of black secrets, revenge, and death. Spine-chilling suspense, shocking revelations, and the ultimate terror of all are about to be revealed... when the sun goes down and the wind begins to howl. It is the season of the witch... and the night of the devil. It is the unspeakable fear of HALLOWEEN NIGHT!

Hack O Lantern (aka Halloween Night aka Death Mask) is a 1988 part slasher, part satanic, part heavy metal horror film directed by Jag Mundhra, written by Carla Robinson and stars Hy Pyke, Gregory Scott Cummins, Carla Baron. Many reviews online describe the film as so-bad-it's-good.

Released to VHS as Halloween Night by Atlas Entertainment Corp. in 1990 and by Legacy Entertainment as Hack-O-Lantern sometime after. Up until 2016 the film was never officially released to DVD, but there are many bootlegs DVDs for sale online of a VHS recording of the film. In Philadelphia on March Friday the 13th 2015, Exhumed Films presented the U.S theatrical premiere of Hack-o-Lantern off of a rare pristine 35mm print. A limited amount of the theatrical poster (above) were available at the screening. Massacre Video officially released the film on VHS, and for the first time on DVD & Blu-ray combo pack on June 20, 2017 and then re-released on just Blu-ray on January 30, 2018.

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  1. Not going to lie this looks like a fun little time waster.

    1. I thought I was going to hate this, but I watched and ended up liking it.


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